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PCAUSA Utilities

These utilities have been developed by PCAUSA for in-house testing and are provided to those interested at no charge.


PCATTCP is PCAUSA's port of the original Unix Test TCP (TTCP) utility to Winsock.

The current PCATTCP includes IPv6 support. Both 32-bit and 64-bit executables are available.

Complete source to PCATTCP as well as the original Unix TTCP application are available.

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PCAUSA NDIS Developer Tools (with OID Scope)

The PCAUSA NDIS Developer Tools are a collection of NDIS-related utilities that you may find useful. As time permits, we adapt some of our internal "odds-and-ends" and put them in a form that is at least minimally suitable for external use.

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SniffUSB 2.0 USB Sniffer for Windows XP

This is simply an update of Benoit Papillault's SniffUSB 1.8 to allow it to be built using newer and more readily available development tools. This update does not offer any new functionality, and is of interest primarily to developers wishing to examine the application and driver using a debugger.

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