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Printing Communications Associates, Inc. ("PCA" or "PCAUSA") is a software development and consulting company founded in 1988 by Thomas F. Divine and incorporated in the State of Georgia in July of 1992.

PCAUSA Background

PCAUSA's initial development focus was on providing AppleTalk network solutions on non-AppleTalk platforms, including MS-DOS and Windows workstations and PostScript print servers. This work involved development of:

  • NDIS miniport drivers (e.g. LocalTalk and EtherTalk)
  • NDIS protocol drivers (complete AppleTalk protocol suite)
  • Network Clients Software (File System Redirectors) for both Windows 9X/ME and Windows NT.

In 1996 PCAUSA began a transition from consulting to licensing of specialized network development toolkits for the Microsoft Windows platforms. PCAUSA's Rawether for Windows product was introduced in June of 1996 and has been successfully used by many companies as a starting point for development of a wide variety of products.

PCAUSA Mission

The PCAUSA Mission is to support customers in their endeavor to develop innovative and specialized kernel-mode drivers for the Microsoft Windows Platform.

Our primary expertise lies in the area of Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) and NDIS filter and protocol drivers. PCAUSA does not pretend to have experience in the area of NDIS miniport driver development.

We currently provide this support in two ways:

  • Kernel-Mode Reference and Sample Drivers
  • Personal Consulting Services

Reference and Sample Drivers

The PCAUSA Reference and Sample Drivers basically pick up where the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) leave off.

While the WDK sample drivers can be safely called "tutorials", the PCAUSA samples are "functional". For example, a WDK NDIS filter sample may illustrate packet "passthru" without inspection or modification, a similar PCAUSA sample would illustrate inspection and logging or redirection to a user-mode application.

If the customer is a Windows driver developer, then hopefully the techniques illustrated in these samples may lead to that "Ah Ha!" moment where the developer finds a method that helps understand how to implement some desired functionality. The sample licenses encourage use of PCAUSA code when deriving a customer's proprietary driver.

In some cases the customer is primarily a Windows application developer who desires a driver with functionality similar to that of a PCAUSA sample driver. Although the PCAUSA samples are not promoted as being fit for any specific purpose, several are fairly widely used as-is in commercially deployed products.

We view the products that we offer as "enabling technology". Our customers have the bright functional ideas; we provide samples that assist in turning these ideas into functional products.

Personal Consulting Services

Sometimes sample drivers aren't enough. A customer may have a more specific kernel-mode networking filter or protocol driver requirement.

PCAUSA would be pleased to work with customers on a contract or project basis if the customer needs fit with PCAUSA's capabilities and time is available.

PCAUSA Customers

PCAUSA values our customer's privacy; therefore, it is no longer appropriate to list customers by name.

However, over the years PCAUSA has done business with governments and industry giants - as well as with a long list of small developers.

Interestingly, over half of PCAUSA's customers are International. These range as far "West" as Australia, China, Japan and South Korea to as far "East" as Great Brittan, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Israel and Russia.

Simply put: We live and breathe Windows kernel-mode filters and protocols.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas F. Divine
President, PCAUSA



Thomas F. Divine is the founder and Chief Scientist at PCAUSA.

Mr. Divine has been developing NDIS filter and protocol drivers for Microsoft platforms from the MS-DOS days (NDIS 2.0) through the current Windows platforms (NDIS 6.X).