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Mailing Lists and Forums

OSR's NTDEV - Windows System Software Developers List

This list, maintained by Open Systems Resources, Inc., is dedicated to the development of drivers for the Windows family of operating systems. Looking for Win32 or user-mode peer support? Not here. But if you've got a design, implementation or support issue with a Windows kernel-mode driver, this is the place to be. Inhabited by newbies, seasoned veterans, and even the Microsoft developers... Take the opportunity to learn from your peers to get over that particular development hump.

Microsoft's WDK and Driver Development Forum

This Microsoft forum is intended to provides you an opportunity to join a community of Windows Driver and Kernel developers where you can share knowledge, get questions answered, and learn from others with experience in the Windows kernel

PCAUSA Discussion List

The PCAUSA Discussion list is an opt-in public forum for the discussion of topics related to PCAUSA products and the more general topic of kernel-mode networking on Windows platforms.


Related resources

  • is a website dedicated specifically to non-commercial support for Windows NDIS software developers:


  • OSR Online was created by Open Systems Resources, Inc. to fill the needs of Windows system software professionals for a technical "home page". A sort of "one-stop shop" for everything related to writing, testing, and maintaining Windows drivers.


  • is an archive of the currently inactive "Windows Driver Developer's Digest", originally founded by Walter Oney.

    Contains helpful information about Windows kernel-mode development and pre-Vista operating systems.