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PCAUSA is a small (one person...) company specializing in products and services in the narrow field of Windows kernel-mode networking. In the area of contract development and consulting our goal is to provide personalized consulting services to customers who have requirements in these areas of our expertise.

Our experience covers these areas:

  • NDIS Protocol Drivers
  • NDIS Filter Drivers
  • Windows Filtering Platform (WFP)
  • Winsock Kernel (WSK)
  • Transport Data Interface (TDI - Windows XP Only)

PCAUSA has been working exclusively in this area since 1988.

In many cases a customer's requirements can be satisfied by adapting or "bending" and existing PCAUSA sample driver to provide new functionality. This has proved to be a fairly efficient development approach.

Work is performed remotely at PCAUSA's business location in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Over the years our clients have been located not only in the United States but also internationally. Recent clients have been from Israel, the United Kingdom, Norway and Italy.

Since PCAUSA is a one person company only a limited number of selected contract development and consulting projects can be accepted each year.

PCAUSA consulting rates are in keeping with the current economy. If you have a development need in this area please consider PCAUSA.


Thank you for considering PCAUSA!

Thomas F. Divine
President, PCAUSA